Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rift: Warrior Casting Sequences/Rotations UPDATED

I've started collecting casting sequences (rotations) for warriors.  Note the links at the top for warrior resources.  This is a wonderful resource for two flavors of warriors:  Paladin/ Void Knight/Warlord (rotations for several situations are listed), and a farming AoE build for a RiftBlade/Reaver/WarBlade.

A full discussion (including rotations) for the dual wielding warrior.

This is for a Paladin/Reaver/Warlord and besides the spells, this article talks about AoE and things tanks should consider.

Reaver/Paladin/Champion PvE tank rotation

Paladin/ Warlord/Void Knight melee tank and Reaver/Paladin/Void Knight magic tank and rotations

UPDATE:  Warrior discussion

Warrior tank build with rotations

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